Membership Secretary: Jean Mockfor

​Jean has a committee member since and took on the role of Membership Secretary in September 2021 but still maintains her role as principle Exhibition Organiser.

As a successful artist, her favourite medium is watercolour although recently she has started working with pastels.

President: Andrew G Forrest

 Andrew enjoys mobilising the strength and texture of acrylic but also the subtlety and fluidity of watercolour. In 2012 Andrew was a featured artist in Terry and Christine Timblick's book 'A Picture of the South Downs - Art in the National Park'. He is equally enthused by the cityscape genre, particularly night scenes in which he seeks to evoke the sound as well as the colour, movement and mystery of the great cities.

Andrew was formerly The Chairman of The Society of Eastbourne Artisist

 - Committee member

Ros Ferdinand - Workshop Organiser

Ros joined the committee in 2015. She is driving force of the workshop initiative and taken on the role of workshop organiser.  Ros is also directly involved with decision making and helping to run exhibitions.  Further to this she has researched specific issues to help keep The Society up to date with current legislation. She has an affinity with acrylics and enjoys exhibiting.

Tracy Field - Committee Member - Publicity

Tracy joined the committee in March 2016. She will be involved in all committee decision making and helping to publicise and run the exhibitions. Tracy has experimented with many mediums over the years and always wanted to paint with oils, but didn't know how. By a stroke of good fortune Tracy was introduced to the London artist Rosa Branson MBE in 2011, and has since found her medium-the Renaissance Technique of painting with oils which she practices under Rosa's frequent guidance.

Tracy enjoyed working as a jeweller at the bench for 13 years, making and repairing fine jewellery, and now finds that painting in oils with great detail is just her thing!

Tracy is delighted to be part of such a talented and diverse group of artists.

Secretary: Sylvia Huggair

Sylvia has been a member of the Society of Eastbourne Artists since 2006 and was Secretary for a brief period in 2008 and was reappointed in 2012.

As Secretary, Sylvia is responsible for all the day to day running of The Society of Eastbourne Artists and ensures that she keeps herself up to date with current legislation relevant to the successful running of the Society.

Sylvia is a successful artist and studied portraiture at the Sussex Downs College. Whilst she enjoys the use of all mediums, Sylvia  is currently concentrating on pastels and holds demonstrations of her work for The Society of Eastbourne Artists and other local organisations.

Committee Members

​Fiona Cain : Demonstrations and Workshops

Jayne Kersse: Marketing and Promotion 

​Alan Howlett 

Please contact the Society of Eastbourne Artists at

Meet the Committee

The current committee are friendly and approachable and work well together with a clear vision of the future direction of the Society and how it can best serve it's members.

Treasurer: Fari Smith

Chairperson: Rosemary Drysdale

​Rosemary is an accomplished and successful artist in her own right.

As Chairperson, Rosemary is very involved in all aspects of the day to day running of The Society of Eastbourne Artists and works constructively with other members of the committee in order to provide the best possible platform and support for our members. 

Rosemary also liaises closely with other organisations within Eastbourne and the surrounding area to provide the best possible source of information and service to our members and the wider art community.


The Society of Eastboune Artists, formerly known as the Association of Eastbourne Artists, was founded in 1946.

From humble beginnings of just 12 members, we can now count our number in the hundreds and we are still growing.

Our aim is to support art in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide an informative and valuable platform and service to our members in a warm and friendly environment.